Normal vaginal birth is the childbirth process which takes place without any form of medical intervention.

Nowadays to alleviate the pain and speed up the delivery process medications might be used (you can choose not to opt for any medical intervention).

All in all, a normal delivery is, in other words, a completely natural delivery of a baby by the mother without any medical intervention.

During normal/vaginal delivery the primary focus is on how and in which position will the mother be comfortable delivering the baby.

The mother can lead the whole process of labor and delivery.

The doctor and attending nurses, aid her while being alert for any kind of emergencies.


1. IF A WOMAN CAN GET PREGNANT NATURALLY SHE CAN HAVE A BABY NATURALLY. Many women died during childbirth before C-Sections became common place.

Cesarean sections were invented to prevent women& babies dying from complications during labor & delivery & this could be easily avoided with a surgical procedure.

2. WOMEN WHO HAVE C-SECTIONS ARE NOT INTERESTED IN AND MISS OUT ON BONDING WITH THEIR BABIES AFTER BIRTH. Many women who have C-sections are able to bond with their babies immediately or shortly after delivery.

3. A WOMEN WHO HAS A BABY VIA C-SECTIONS HAS NOT REALLY DELIVERED AT ALL. This is quite confusing.Did the baby come out of a woman’s (Mother’s) body; If yes then she delivered it.That’s it! A baby is no walk in the park, regardless of how she does it.Giving birth is hard work,whether that baby comes flying out of one’s vagina or gets yanked out of one’s uterus through an incision.

4. TO HAVE A C- SECTION OR NOT IS ALWAYS MOTHER`S CHOICE It is not always within a woman`s power to decide whether or not she will undergo c- section and even if she does chose to have one for personal reasons, then the final decision is best left to the doctor who will weigh the so associated with both cesarean and vagina birth. Also reasons benefits and ensures a safe delivery for both mother and baby it is not always.

5. YOU WILL HAVE TROUBLE BREASTFEEDING IF YOU UNDERGO C-SECTION Method of delivery does not impact a woman`s ability to breast feed if you are unable to staff nursing in the operating room here doctors and nurses will help you start. Once you are settled in to recovery.

6. YOU CAN’T DELIVER VAGINALLY AFTER A C- SECTION Today woman and their doctors can work together to determine the safest option for both mother and baby according to American congress of obstetrics and Gynecology . The Decision to perform VBAC ( vaginal birth after cesarean ) is based on a number on factor including the indication for the previous c- section , the type of incision , the number c- sections she has and whether or not she has any medical conditions that would make vaginal delivery unsafe .